The consequences of growth

Millions of people have watched Dr Albert Bartlett talk about arithmetic on Youtube. “Arithmetic!” I hear you cry! What’s the big deal?

Professor Albert Bartlett:

“The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.”

It’s interesting and important. The conclusions are relevant to everyone.

If we all understood the easily grasped facts about unbridled growth and its consequences, we’d leave a better world for our children, and be better able to see through the nonsense fed to us by politicians, economists, and big business.

You’ll hear, in Professor Bartlett’s talk, the asinine views of influential people who believe that basic arithmetic, and the laws of physics, aren’t applicable in their patch.

It will help you to understand compound interest too. 🙂

Dr Martin Luther King:

Unlike the plagues of the dark ages, or contemporary diseases which we do not yet understand, the modern plague of overpopulation is solvable with means we have discovered and with resources we possess. What is lacking is not sufficient knowledge of the solution, but universal consciousness of the gravity of the problem and the education of the billions who are its victims.

Rather read about it?

Here is a transcript of Dr Bartlett’s talk

Arithmetic, Population and Energy

Arithmetic, Population and Energy – Al Bartlett

It’s a great pleasure to be here, and to have a chance just to share with you some very simple ideas about the problems we’re facing. Some of these problems are local, some are national, some are global.

They’re all tied together. They’re tied together by arithmetic, and the arithmetic isn’t very difficult. What I hope to do is, I hope to be able to convince you that the greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.

Well, you say, what’s the exponential function?
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