Favicons for Firefox 3 in Mac OS X

I’ve made the big switch to Apple Macs. For me, Mac OS X leaves Windows dead in the water, but there are a few annoyances. Here’s how to fix one of them.

Firefox favicons

The browser bookmarks toolbar is very useful to me, but on the Mac it doesn’t show favicons by default in Firefox or Safari. One picture is worth a thousand words, so it’s not easy to distinguish quickly between bookmarks without them. To get them to display in Firefox as shown above is easy, I found out how here. You need to paste the following code into the userChrome.css file. Continue reading “Favicons for Firefox 3 in Mac OS X”

Mistywindow’s OS Wars

The great Windows, Mac and Ubuntu shoot-outShootout

I’ve been on a mission. A mission with a degree of difficulty comparable to brokering peace in Israel by next Wednesday. I’ve been trying to break a 20-year addiction to Microsoft’s operating system.

For toolong Microsoft have been putting the screws on their customers.  They’ve been particularly tough on users outside certain favoured markets. The Windows 7 upgrade special early-bird pricing was a case in point. It was only available to North American, British, German, French, and Japanese buyers.

This is a serious kick in the teeth for millions of their customers around the world. I live in New Zealand and I owned three Windows licences. If I wished to upgrade them all I’m looking at much more serious money than I’d pay if I lived in Toronto or Yokohama. Over the years I must have bought about 30 copies of Windows, does Microsoft think I matter?

Not a bit.

That has me mad as a snake. Continue reading “Mistywindow’s OS Wars”