Where does money come from?

How the money manipulators are ruining you

Part 1

Here’s a full length documentary by Paul Grignon explaining how it’s done. It’s 40+ minutes long, but if you’re pressed for time the first 10 minutes or so will be enough to get you hot under the collar. If you’re not into video, read my summary below.

Money As Debt:

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Feel better now?

I didn’t think so,

Most people have trouble believing this stuff. Here’s a recent brief article in The Guardian lifting the corner to look at the sorry truth. Generally speaking, the news media don’t expose this outrage. Too many big players are reliant on the system to flourish and to maintain themselves in the ranks of the 1%.

The Guardian article refers to this document from the Bank of England which, surprisingly, confesses to the hidden-in-plain-sight dirty secret.

Here it is in a nutshell

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Keep tabs on your bank…

…especially come late August. A fascinating statistic which Bernard Hickey drew to our attention yesterday at my favorite source of economic wisdom, Interest.co.nz. It’s a bit weird. Keep it in mind, it may save your financial bacon one day.

Read about it here at the Economist. Nobody seems to be sure why this is. Historically, it was thought to be because of farmers overloading the fractional banking capacity with funding for the spring harvest in the northern hemisphere but that’s no longer relevant. I’m wondering about the habit in Britain–and perhaps elsewhere north of the equator–of everyone taking their holidays in August. Do they hold out on addressing their financial problems–and abandoning their marriages–until the holiday’s over then overload the banks?

Banking crises historically huge spike in August
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