4 thoughts on “If Tom Tamarkin is correct, we’re doomed

  1. The article is certainly not full of “padding.” It is full of facts and teaching for people who do not understand science.

    We have set up a Web site at http://www.fusion4freedom.us. I would advise interested parties to go to the Science Section, click on Why Fusion is the Only Realistic Solution, and then read the first 4 to 6 papers.

    We are certainly “doomed” to a vast population reduction of say less than a billion people worldwide by 2150 to 220 0if we relied only on “renewables” as defined today. Anyone is welcome to send me emails or even call me at 916-482-2020 if they can seriously prove otherwise as a matter of physics and math. Having said that the solution was also stated in the article which is we must get back on track developing fusion before it is too late. Someone evidently did not read the entire article if they feel I said “we are doomed.” Fusion is the ultimate clean safe green energy solution. Everything else is just a small bridge to get us there; the exception being nuclear fission as it is a big bridge.

    Tom Tamarkin
    5545 El Camino avenue
    Carmichael, California n95608
    916-482-2000 Ext. 142 Office
    916-482-2020 Cell


    1. I am looking for a copy of your article:

      “Electric kilowatt hour meter RF implant module used for walk by, drive by and Pole top collectionAMR”, 13th annual national meter reader’s conference,1992, Atlanta Goergia,

      Hope you can help.


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