Control Facebook news feed

So your Facebook friend has 5,000 other friends and uses their news page like a supercharged Twitter feed. 500 posts a day telling you what a great muffin they had with their morning coffee and the colour of their new underpants.

Wisdom is the reward you get for a life time of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.

Doug Larsen

Or your granddad posts all sorts of serious shit but you just want to gossip. 🙂

You can unfriend the perpetrator but you’re a sensitive soul and you don’t want to hurt his feelings.

What to do?

Easy. Stop their news feed appearing on your home page.

Hover your mouse cursor over their name on a newsfeed item, then hover over the “Friends” button. Click on “show in news feed” to toggle the setting on or off.

Toggle news feed from Facebook friend

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