Wondering about happiness

Not happy? OK, change something

Thanks to Meiklejohn Labs for this image:

You’ve probably heard that happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. It would be more in line with the realities of life to replace the word happiness in that old cliché with contentment.

Happiness is transient, it isn’t something we can attain as a permanent state of mind. Even the most placid lives have troughs and peaks. People with no stress in their lives have unhappy health outcomes. In order to feel happy we sometimes need to be less than happy. I know from personal experience that too much stress can be catastrophic, but too little can be almost as bad.

From Time’s website:

The Goldilocks Principle of Stress: Too Little Is Almost As Bad as Too Much. Read the full article.

and from Auntie Beeb:

Stress becomes a problem – ‘distress’ – when there’s too much or too little. A lack of stress means your body is understimulated, leaving you feeling bored and isolated.

What you can achieve and should aim for is contentment. When you reach a point in your life where the opinions of others don’t concern you too much, when you can accept that experiences are more important than things, and that the important things in life aren’t actually things anyway, you’re well on the way.

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