PlainText: simple, elegant, useful

“For editing text on iPad & iPhone. PlainText is a simple text editor with a paper-like user interface. Unlike the default Notes app, PlainText allows you to create and organize your documents in folders and sync everything with”

PlainText logoIf you use Dropbox and you have an iPhone or iPad, you’ll love PlainText. If you don’t have Dropbox you should, it’s the best data handling service provided in decades and it’s free. PlainText is a deceptively simple text editor/iPhone app and it’s a gem. It’s really easy to use, it looks classy, and it makes life a little easier.

PlainText supports folders and it links to your Dropbox account, so files are automatically synchronized between your iPhone and all computers linked to your Dropbox. Because it’s minimalist, it lets you focus on writing instead of spending half your life managing the process.

I’m over fancy todo lists. I just use an “action” text file for todo’s and a “fridge door” text file for a scratch pad. I save them into the PlainText folder in my Dropbox and that’s the job done.

PlainText is free. It displays a small advertisement at the bottom of your iPhone screen which isn’t too obtrusive but can be removed by purchasing “Remove Ads” for a miserly $2.49. Don’t be mean, pay up. 🙂 My only gripe is that it’s not available for other smartphone brands. Yet another barrier to abandoning Apple.


If you’re one of those deprived folk who haven’t yet discovered Dropbox, check it out in my Just Wondering post right here. If you use my referral link you’ll be rewarded with an extra 250MB of free synchronized Dropbox storage space.

PlainText Tips

Another very useful trick for me. I’m not the greatest phone typist, so if I wish to send a longish text message, I type it into my “textMessage” file in PlainText on the computer. It’s instantly updated by Dropbox in the iPhone app. From there I just copy all and paste it into a text message.

Cool bananas.

Use it with TextExpander

TextExpander for Mac, not surprisingly, is a text expander. The iPhone app costs $6 and if you do a lot of text work on your iPhone it’s a boon. If you don’t know what I’m on about check my post on text expanders here.

Forget Notepad

For editing text files in Windows, I use the free Notepad++ which, unlike Notepad, allows several files to be open at once in tabs.


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