The Persimmon Tree cafe in Pirongia

Persimmon Tree cafe

While I’m on a roll, here’s the second installment of my favourite places.

The Persimmon Tree Café in Pirongia, a small settlement in the Waikato, New Zealand, is one of the best you’ll find anywhere. It’s a pleasant small cafe in a very nice spot in a beautiful village. It’s off the main highway. When I’m travelling to and from Auckland I usually by-pass busy Hamilton and save half an hour by turning right just after the Ngauruawahia town center where the sign points to Otorahanga. Half an hour along this road you pass through Pirongia, in the shadow of its namesake, the sacred mountain.

This is one of several reviews at Menumania. Not all the reviews were so good but the whingers’ views don’t reflect my experiences over recent years:

I am a regular at the Persimmon Tree cafe and have been going there since it opened. I am always impressed by their quality of food, level of service and general ambience of the cafe. The food and staff are what keep me going back. Andrew and Michelle are excellent hosts and work really hard at maintaining the high standards.

The food is varied, priced appropriately, always fresh and tasty.

The cafe is child friendly and the open grounds provide plenty of space for the kids to burn off those delicious desserts.

I can not understand why some previous comments are not so favourable: perhaps they are the jealous owners or friends of competing businesses.

I agree with the above sentiments. I’ve been to the Persimmon Tree 40 or 50 times and I’ve never had a bad experience. The food is 5 star, the staff are cheerful and pleasant, they serve a la carte and counter food of a relatively high standard, the presentation is first class, the prices are very reasonable for the quality provided, the coffee is excellent — and they don’t charge extra for decaf, a regular and unjustified cafe rort which infuriates me. It’s annoying enough that my aging metabolism’s losing the ability to deal with caffeine without being ripped off for an unjustified extra 50¢ or $1 a cup.

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