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This is the first of my posts on great places I’ve experienced; real, imaginary, and digital. This one is a wonderful source of hilarious and outrageous philosophical wisdom:

Coarse language alert!

And if you think that matters, you need to:

  1. get a life, and
  2. read up on Philosophy Bro’s concise exposition on Nietzsche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”. is a fantastic site. PB takes the often impenetrable great ideas of philosophy and with side-splitting irreverance combined with very bad language makes them accessible, hilarious, and crystal clear.  An extract from PB’s take on Nietszche from the above link:

Seriously. We have limitless potential, and we’re wasting it worrying about sin and Hell and Heaven. And maybe you don’t actually believe in any of that. You think that makes you better than anyone else? Wrong answer, asshole. It makes you worse.

At least believers can tell you exactly why they’re pissing their lives away; see for yourself. Ask one. “Why do you hate sex, joy, and the human spirit?” “Oh. Because I believe in a non-physical deity who told me that if I hated them, I’d spend the rest of eternity in paradise.” It’s batshit crazy, right? But at least he’s sticking to his guns. Agree to disagree, whatever. But if you don’t believe that bullshit, then why the hell are you sitting around wondering what’s left? It’s because you DO believe that bullshit, you’re just too scared to admit it. Fuck, bro, you almost made it out – you saw through the lies and said, “Nope, fuck that.” But then you fell into the same old pattern of worrying about right and wrong, about patriotism and politics, about tolerance and government and fairness, about all measure of bullshit – all you’ve done is replaced the bullshit you know with the bullshit you don’t.

You’ve got to visit today!

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