The great imponderables: will my phone cause an air crash?

Oh dearThe ether is absolutely sodden with electromagnetic radiation in myriad wavelengths. Am I to believe that the navigation system of a modern aircraft is so vulnerable that a text message from the social secretary is going to consign me (and not a few fellow travelers) to an early and fiery demise?

I must turn off my cellphone and my laptop at takeoff and landing. I’ve lost track of what I’m supposed to do with my cellphone after that – I play safe and leave it off anyway.

My question is: if I, or someone with an even shorter attention span than mine, should inadvertently forget to turn off one of these devices, what’s the worst case scenario?

  • Will the aircraft make an awful mess just beyond the end of the runway?
  • Will I just toast the air con system?
  • Even worse, will I end up in Paris, Texas instead of Paris – you know, the real one.
    No, not Paris Hilton.

This is a bit of a worry. Is my continued existence dependent upon 400 people on a 747 all remembering to turn off their cellphones?

We’re being conned, I fear.

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