TVNZ got it right

I’m disturbed that there are a lot of people decrying Paul Henry’s sacking by departure from TVNZ. I’m astonished that it’s possible to dig up a single negative response to his demise. One caller to NewsTalk ZB said that it showed what a small-minded lot we are. Really? What are these people smoking? If the disgusting puerility of the Sheila Dikshit incident didn’t justify a parting of the ways what on Earth would? Bombing the Beehive? Interfering with little boys? Genocide?

The man needs help.

(O.K., maybe bombing the Beehive wouldn’t be a sacking offence.)

Have these Henry supporters actually watched the grossly offensive clip? It wasn’t just the racism and the cruelty and the offensiveness. It was unacceptable that any adult could behave in such a disgusting pre-adolescent manner in public—never mind on publicly funded broadcast television—without being summarily dismissed. If he gets a golden handshake courtesy of you, the shareholder, it will be a disgrace.

In 45 years working in the armed forces, the merchant navy, and in industry I have never before seen a grown man act in such a manner.

p.s. Don’t send in the black helicopters. I was just kidding about the Beehive.

Tempting though. 🙂

Paul Henry beyond redemption

Paul Henry’s stupid and apparently ill-informed questions to the PM regarding Sir Anand Satyanand were not a reason to sack him. They came within the realm of provocative comment. Possibly an attempt to legitimately set-up the Prime Minister. He succeeded on both counts.

His disgusting performance over Mrs Sheila Dikshit was another matter altogether. His behaviour was beyond outrageous. It wasn’t even his usual adolescent nastiness. It was the action of an out-of-control juvenile. It was cruel, vicious, ignorant and totally unforgivable. No apology or expression of regret could put it right.

There’s no going back from this. It reveals a seriously disturbed and immature personality. If you haven’t watched the clip you should—I’ve included it below. It’s so disgusting that you can’t possibly form an opinion without enduring it. He should be removed from all further exposure in our broadcast media until he’s had successful treatment for whatever ails him.

Just as disturbing to me:

  • The failure of the Prime Minister to admonish this idiot during his interview.
  • A poll on “Campbell Live” last night which revealed that a majority of pollees thought that the giggling, sniggering drivel he spouted over Mrs Dikshit’s name was not grounds for sacking. That’s a real worry. I hope it reflects the dysfunctional demographic of folk who respond to such polls rather than the views of New Zealand at large.
  • Whoever at TVNZ considered the clip acceptable enough to promote on their website.

TVNZ, this is not my New Zealand:

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Commentator Brian Edwards wrote an excellent piece: “I Indulge in a Bit of Amateur Psychobabble about Paul Henry” in which he dissects Henry’s behaviour here on his blog.

I Indulge in a Bit of Amateur Psychobabble about Paul Henry