The great Windows, Mac and Ubuntu shoot-out

Snow white's appleWhat about Apple’s Mac?

My hands are too big for most netbook keyboards, but I have a need for a small, easily portable laptop so recently, on a whim, I bought a 13″ Apple Macbook. I was instantly bitten by the well-documented Mac bug. Not to be confused with the Windows virus.

Disclosure of interest: I really liked my Mac.

The hardware

Apple’s hardware is outstanding. The components are designed and built to an exceptionally high standard. The Mac laptop case isn’t plastic; it’s carved out of a solid chunk of aluminium. The engineering is beautiful on all Apple products. Little things stand out, like the absolute ease of changing or swapping hard drives in a G5 or a Mac Pro, and the automatic fan speed control. Everything just works and it works beautifully.

Apple-designed components like mice and keyboards are works of art and a joy to use. I don’t like touchpads. When it’s practicable, I prefer to use a mouse when working with laptops. The touchpad on the MacBook has changed all that. It is fabulous. It’s huge, it’s sensitive, and it has easy-to-use features like no-brainer two finger scrolling. It’s almost as easy to use as a mouse – in some ways, easier.

I’m impressed with the Apple keyboard and the Mighty Mouse. Continue reading “The great Windows, Mac and Ubuntu shoot-out”

Mistywindow’s OS Wars

The great Windows, Mac and Ubuntu shoot-outShootout

I’ve been on a mission. A mission with a degree of difficulty comparable to brokering peace in Israel by next Wednesday. I’ve been trying to break a 20-year addiction to Microsoft’s operating system.

For toolong Microsoft have been putting the screws on their customers.  They’ve been particularly tough on users outside certain favoured markets. The Windows 7 upgrade special early-bird pricing was a case in point. It was only available to North American, British, German, French, and Japanese buyers.

This is a serious kick in the teeth for millions of their customers around the world. I live in New Zealand and I owned three Windows licences. If I wished to upgrade them all I’m looking at much more serious money than I’d pay if I lived in Toronto or Yokohama. Over the years I must have bought about 30 copies of Windows, does Microsoft think I matter?

Not a bit.

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