Here we go again!

For the third time in as many years this blog died and yet again my backups wouldn’t import. This time it wasn’t a really big deal: it’s only a few weeks since the second death.

The last time wasn’t a world shattering event in the great scheme of things but it was a major disaster for me. Hundreds of blog posts were gone but that wasn’t the worst—most of the posts could be reclaimed from Google’s cache or my local files and those that were still relevant reposted. The most depressing problem was the hundreds of invaluable comments from visitors: gone for good. Some popular pages were ranked in the top three by Google Search—people kill for that—and a lot of lost posts are linked by many other sites.
… Or watch the    things you gave your life to broken, and stoop and build ’em up with worn out tools …
Back to the drawing board. I’m switching to a new host. I’ve been with the WordPress-recommended Bluehost, the top hosting company in the known universe as far as I know. From my point of view they’ve been a disaster. No way of restoring their much-touted on-site backups when the chips were down. Web hosting prices in New Zealand have dropped dramatically recently so I’m shifting to HostingDirect. So far I’m impressed.