The buck has stopped

Just how much is the American taxpayer prepared to swallow?

The private jetting bigwigs from GM, Ford, et al have the begging bowl out. “We’ve learned from our mistakes,” they cry.

Yeah, right

These fools have been churning out Humvees and sub-standard four wheeled aircraft carriers for decades. The bosses have been feathering their nests and the unions have extorted excessive pay and ludicrous working conditions. The bigwigs creaming $20 million a year and the average hourly pay for workers an astonishing $75. They’ve blundered about like rampaging elephants and now they want the people whom they’ve screwed to pay for the damage.

The writing was on the wall 50 years ago. These are the people who persuaded Washington to whine to the Japanese because they weren’t buying enough American cars. The idiots in Detroit didn’t have enough brainpower to produce cars with the steering wheel on the side the Japanese require. Never mind that the bloody cars were twice as big as any sane person required.

For at least 30 years the Japanese and the Germans have shown the world how to build good cars. The solution was there for all to see. And it was an American, William Edwards Deming, ignored in his own land, who taught the Japanese the productivity tricks to do it!

They’ve had their chance

Again and again.

Detroit have had their heads up their backsides and just don’t get it. Let the sods rot. The infrastructure will still be there. Put the companies up for auction at $1 reserve on eBay. Let the blood-suckers go on the bread line and turn the whole industry over to investors who are prepared to take the gamble and to workers who are prepared to start take a new look at the whole business.

It’s possible.

It wasn’t always like this

When I was a child in the 1940s and 1950s, here in New Zealand and Australia most of our cars were built in the USA. They were good cars and Detroit built them to our right-hand drive requirements. Sometime in the 50s it all changed. The American car industry lost contact with reality. We all switched to British and Australian cars and we assembled them in our own countries. In the 70s the Brits lost the plot too and we replaced their’s with Japanese better quality vehicles. If the US carmakers want to know how to build a good big car (that’s big by world standards, not Detroit’s) at a reasonable price have a look at Ford and GM in Australia.